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Ningbo Teng Ya Klien metal products Co., Ltd. founded in 1999, is a production and sales of private limited liability company. Division I professional production of various specifications of various types of stainless steel products, has experienced R & D technical strength. Products are widely used in decoration, pipe making, electronic, medical, equipment, textile machinery, chemical raw materials, stainless steel products, products strict implementation of international standards of GB4239-91. The material framework is mainly stainless steel sink and sheet metal processing, pressure vessel, such as the design and processing, as well as product turnover box with a variety of specifications, stainless steel tank (medicine tank, ink tank, tank insulation, etc.), such as refrigerated containers. Recently in 2013, the newly developed glass insulation insulation furnace to welcome guests came to discuss. Investment company to introduce international advanced production line, the company has imported from Germany through fast TruLaser3030 CNC water jet cutting machine and TruPunch1000 CNC punch press, Japan Amada (Amada) RG-M21003 (M20) type CNC hydraulic bending machine, Japan Panasonic gas shielded arc welding, spot welding, Hager pressure riveting machine four pillar fast tensile hydraulic machine (German built-in quick cylinder) and other advanced production and detection equipment.

Enterprises with advanced production equipment, professional and technical personnel and strict quality management system, in good faith management, quality and price of the principle of providing customers with perfect service. Create value for customers is that we have been pursuing the goal, we firmly believe that only a win-win situation is the development direction of the enterprise, we will, as always, in strict accordance with the requirements of customers, produce good quality products, in order to return customer support and trust!

In the market competition to win, in the reflection beyond the self, in learning beyond mediocrity, continuous progress. To achieve the goal of a successful experience of happiness, the pursuit of the process of the struggle to experience the fun. Believe that our faith will be exchanged for the favor of the market, we believe that the quality of our products will stand out in the competition;
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